Meeting Minutes

Township Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Crystal Township Board Meeting
July 10, 2019
7:00 p.m.
Crystal Community Center

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor C McCracken at 7:00 p.m.  followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Members Present: C McCracken, G Bahm, K Siburt, P Baker-Marek, S Kutt

Public Comment: Public was allowed time to make comments
D Bailey-Recreational Marijuana-opt out, doesn’t project a healthy wholesome community.  Thank you for the community forums regarding the Community Center.  If the bond doesn’t pass, look at sale of the property.

T Dorch-June 21 Goose Round Up, removed 35 geese and destroyed 60 eggs.  Crystal Lake Association would like to offer to pay to have our attorney, Cliff Bloom to have a TownHall meeting to discuss anti funneling/keyholing.

S Matson-Hopes the food concessions do not appear for the art fest, claims hurt business.

R Gooding-food vendors created a lot more trash and took up too much room.  Doesn’t feel they hurt businesses.

S Huffmater-Charlie’s Pizza sales down 25% over the 4th due to the food vendors. Not a good idea to punish business owners.

 Approval of Agenda and accepted the Consent Agenda: Motioned by Siburt, seconded by Bahm to approve the agenda. Motion carried: ayes-all.
Approval of the Consent Agenda: Motion by Baker Marek, seconded by Bahm to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion carried: ayes-all.
Montcalm County: C Johnston-
Lawsuit for Montcalm County has been settled.
Fire: M Fitzpatrick – 7 runs, 1 vehicle,  2 power line, no Burn permits issued.
Sewer: SBrundage- Station 3 panel is installed/rebuilt. USDA Development report submitted along with the year report. Motioned by P Baker-Marek, seconded by S Kutt to approve $32,623 for a 45K generator delivered with portable with trailer.  Motion carried: ayes-all.
DPW: R Gooding-
Brush pile is over flowing and people have been dumping trash there, need to figure out resolution. The steps down to the lake at the beach are broken, will be repaired. Fire alarm system in the Community Center needs to be operational per the Fire Inspector. Boiler in the community center needs to be inspected, this will happen next week. Roger is still attempting to eliminated moles.   Long Headstone at Crystal Cemetery is tipping badly. Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Siburt to approve trimming of dead tree’s in the park Four Winds Trees for $2600, to drop only, DPW will clean up.  Motion carried:  ayes-all.  
Duck Lake Improvement: Held hearing to extend weed control program for 3 years.
DDA: D Wight-
Meeting for the month of July will be postponed.
Montcalm Police Report: Monthly Report was reviewed by Office McConnell, 133 hours of patrol, 15 investigations, 1 arrest.
Community Center Committee: S Pyle presented notes from the Town Hall meetings, asked the board to pursue a 1.75 mil bond for 15 years on the November Ballot—S Kutt motioned to put on ballot to support to downsize the footprint and upgrade existing building.  No second, P Baker-Marek will contact attorney to write up Bond/Millage Proposal and schedule a special meeting prior to the July 30 deadline for the November Ballot.
Park Development Committee: D Rydhal -reported on  July 9 postcards were sent out for kick off with ways to donate. July 18 will the kickoff of the fundraiser at music and the park.   Soil boring will happen later this month.
7. Correspondence:

a.      M Lane, Marijuna

b.      D Wight, Community Center

8.  Unfinished Business
a. Assessor, Pat and Kim will be meeting with C Zelma.

b. Investment Policy:  Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Bahm to approve Crystal Township Investment Policy.  Motion carried: ayes-all.

c. Community Center:  already discussed under Reports

d. Marijuana:  J Chandler-addressed concerns of citizens regarding is proposed Dispensary at the old Laundry Matt Location. 

  9.  New Business

a.       Head Start, Space Agreement:  Proposed change to $10,800 for 1800 sq ft room, plus they are responsible for cleaning and supplies.  Pat will contact them, discuss again at the Special Meeting later this month.

b.      Fire Millage:  Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Siburt to approve Fire Millage for November 2019 Ballot.  Motion carried:  ayes-all.




(Resolution No.

At a regular meeting of the Crystal Township Board (“Township Board”) held on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Crystal Community Center, the following Resolution was offered for adoption by Township Board Member Baker-Marek and was seconded by Township Board Member Siburt:



WHEREAS, the Township Board desires to submit the question of a new fire millage to the electors of the Township at the Special election to be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Township Board approves and certifies the following proposal to the Montcalm County Clerk for submittal to the qualified electors of the Township at the November 5, 2019 election:



Shall the total tax rate limitation on the amount of general ad valorem taxes which may be imposed on taxable property within Crystal Township under Art. IX, Sec. 6 of the Michigan Constitution be increased for said Township by 1.0 mill ($1.00 per $1,000 of taxable value) annually for four (4) years, 2020 through 2024, inclusive, to provide funds for all Township fire protection and rescue purposes, including building, capital, equipment, and operating expenditures, and shall Crystal Township be authorized to levy such new additional millage for said purposes.


If approved and levied, this millage would raise an estimated $90,231 in the first year of the levy.  To the extent required by law, a small portion of the revenues from this millage (approximately 0.6% in the first year of the levy) will be captured within the district of and disbursed to the Crystal Township Downtown Development Authority.



                                                YES          _____                

                                                NO          _____          


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Township Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to submit a certified copy of this Resolution to the Montcalm County Clerk.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Township Clerk and Montcalm County Clerk are hereby authorized and directed to print the ballots, publish all notices for such election, and to take all other action as necessary or desirable in connection with such election.

The vote on the motion to adopt this Resolution was as follows:

YEAS:      Kutt, Siburt, Baker-Marek, Bahm, McCracken







I hereby certify that the above is a Resolution adopted by the Township Board for Crystal Township at the time, date, and place stated above pursuant to the required statutory procedures.

Dated:     July 10, 2019                         Respectfully submitted,

By  Patty Baker-Marek

Crystal Township Clerk

 c.       Wages-DPW Assistant,  Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Siburt to approve wage increase for D Kavanagh in the amount of 50cents per hour effective July 1, 2019.  Motion carried:  ayes-all.

d.      Beach  & Parking Lot:  Safety Issues, should pass rules that indicate no Dogs on Beach and no gas grills allowed in Parking Lots.  Also no trailers in Parking Lot.  Lots of discussion, no action taken at this time.


J Sheets:  need to install cameras at the brush pile and recycle bins.  Thank you for the alternative location for the food trucks over the 4th of July week-end.  Please look at additional police coverage over the 4th Week-end, possible recruit Carson City Officers.

S Matson:  Cameras for brush pile a great idea.  Agrees no dogs on the beach.

E George:  In the 40’s there were carnival games and food all along Lake Street

K Martin:  Thank you for possible supporting a new business in our community, please be open minded.

Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Kutt to Adjourned: 8:41.  Motion carried:  ayes-all.  

Patty Baker-Marek