Meeting Minutes

Township Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2019 Meeting Minutes

approve the agenda with additions to New Business:  Street Lights, Position Descriptions, Snow Removal and Oven. Motion carried: ayes-all.

Approval of Consent Agenda:  Motioned by Siburt, seconded by Kutt to approve the Consent Agenda.  Motion carried:  ayes-all.


Montcalm County Buzz: C Johnston- Hired another Corrections Officer at the County jail.  Looking at building repairs since there have been no improvements since 2008.

Fire: M Fitzpatrick -18 Runs total in January, 1 Burn permits issued, Also stated that Crystal Township now has an ISO of 8S, which may help homeowners with reduction of  home insurance.

Sewer: S Brundage-Report read by Baker-Marek.  LS Tractor and Generator have been repaired. Also, working with Michigan Rural Water on an asset management program.  Vactor truck in for clutch repair.

DPW: R Gooding- Went up on Roof in community center some very large bubbles, seams are giving away. John Deere Tractor is in for wheel bearing repair.

Duck Lake Improvement: D Wight-Next meeting will be April 8th.

DDA: D Wight- Planning for summer season of Music in the Park.  Also, the DDA has decided to purchase a Jet Ski, to raffle off the weekend after the 4th of July.

Montcalm Police Report: Monthly Report was reviewed by OfficerMcConnell, 97 total hours of Patrol for the month of February.

Community Center Committee: S Pyle presented notes from last Committee meeting and proposal of Kingscott to do an evaluation of the Community Center. Motioned by Baker-Marek seconded by Siburt to approve up to $13,500 for an evaluation of the Community Center to Kingscott, with deferral option of total payment until successful passage of a bond.  Motion carried: ayes-all.


Correspondence: Monthly Correspondence was presented.

a. Consumers Hearing

b. Farmland Development

c. FOIA Request – Noise Ordinance


Unfinished Business

a. Marijuana,Ordinance:  Prohibition of Recreational Marijuana Establishments Ordinance.  Motion by Siburt -motion died due to lack of second.  Motion Failed.

b. Spring Clean Up, Motion by Siburt, seconded by Bahm to set June 1, 2019 with  3 compactor trucks and 1-40 yard roll off, up to $4,700.  Motion carried: ayes-all.

c. Bank, RFP’s due by March 20, Special meeting on  3/27/19 @ 7pm, to review.

d. Park Redevelopment:  Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Siburt to approve proposal with Wolverine for $4,800 for preliminary project estimates.  Motion carried: ayes-all. 

New Business:

a. Flags  

i.  Cemetery:  Motion by Bahm, seconded Kutt to approve purchase of new flags for the Cemetery.  Motion carried: ayes-all.

ii.  Main Street:  discussion of placing flags further down Main Street, past the decorative poles.  Will contact Consumer to see regulations for placement on utility poles.

b. Budget Amendments: Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Siburt approve amended Budget of negative line items. Motion carried: ayes-all.

c.  Beach Front Lease: Motion by Bahm, seconded by Baker-Marek to approve C McCracken to enter negotiations with G Bakker for potential lease of beach area and parking.  Motion carried: ayes-all.

d. Solar/Wind Farms: brochures from Gratiot regarding the success of the Wind Turbines in Gratiot.  Begin thinking about what we want to do in Crystal Township, they are courting landowners now.

e. Road Contacts:  yearly road contracts given to the board to review, drive the roads for decisions next month.

f.  Street Lights:  identify dark spots to add street lights.

g.  Position Descriptions: Entering into the budget season, asking all Departments/staff to create job descriptions listing task of their positions.  Include number of hours weekly of each task.  Helps us evaluate if we are asking too much from our employees. 

h.  Sidewalk Ordinance/Snow Removal:  looking into a possible Snow Removal Ordinance.

i.  Oven:  received a bid of $200 for the oven in the Kitchen.  Post on Craig’s List, and other social media for sale.

Public Comment

D Rydahl, asked to review the dates of the Recreation Grant, also how many are awarded

D Platner, farmers are not happy with the payments they are receiving from the Wind Turbines.  Why is our Fire rating so high when we are so close to the lake?

K Morgan, do we benefit from the energy produced by the Wind Turbines?

M Fitzpatrick, reminder of Open House for Scott Brundage, March 16, 1-4 at the Fire Station

R Sabotovich, questioning who is responsible for snow removal of the new library building. 

C Johnston, potentially the new regulations of the recreational marijuana, most users will prefer to grow their own.

Motioned by Baker Marek, seconded by Siburt to adjourn at 8:25


Submitted by

Pat Baker-Marek, Clerk

Patty Baker-Marek