Meeting Minutes

Township Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2019-Special Meeting

Crystal Township Board Meeting
April 1, 2019
10:00 a.m.
Crystal Community Center

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor McCracken at 10 p.m. and followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Members Present: C McCracken, S Kutt, Kim Siburt, P Baker-Marek
 Absent: G Bahm
Public Comment: Public was allowed time to make comments.  NONE

Motion by Siburt, seconded by Baker-Marek to Accept and Approve Agenda.  Motion-carried: ayes:  all.

Township Park Improvement, Phase II: 

a.        Resolution to support the MNRTF Grant Application #04012019



WHEREAS, the Crystal Township Board desires to improve Crystal Township Park, also known simply as Crystal Park; and

WHEREAS, Crystal Park is located within the Downtown Development District of Crystal Township and on the eastern shore of Crystal Lake, a public lake; and

WHEREAS, Crystal Lake, at approximately 723 acres, is the largest lake in Montcalm County and serves as a regional recreational resource for public beach activities, public swimming and public boating; and

WHEREAS, the shoreline of Crystal Lake has become densely developed with private residences and the opportunities for the acquisition of additional shoreline to expand public beaches and public swim areas have become rare and limited; and

WHEREAS, Crystal Township owns Crystal Park with hundreds of feet of steep, brush-filled lake frontage that is currently not usable for lakefront activities; and

WHEREAS, the Crystal Township Board has sought out professional guidance on how improve the public’s ability to view, gain access, swim and enjoy the waters of Crystal Lake within the boundaries of Crystal Park; and

WHEREAS, the Crystal Township Board has requested and received public comments regarding these possible improvements to Crystal Park; and

WHEREAS, a detailed construction estimate has been received in the amount of $694,000 to implement these desired improvements to Crystal Park;

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED, that Crystal Township Board supports the submission of an application for a development grant to the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) in order to implement the following improvements at Crystal Park:

a.     Excavate the park’s current steep and unsafe waterfront bank in order to create a safer and more user-friendly angle of slope,

b.     Construct a new, dedicated public beach in front of the reconfigured slope,

c.     Construct new user-friendly terracing into the reconfigured slope,

d.     Establish a new, dedicated public swimming area in front the new public beach area.


IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that the Crystal Township Board will submit an application to the MNRTF for $300,000 in grant funding.

IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that the Crystal Township Board will initially commit to match funding in the amount of $100,000 from the township’s general fund, as well as $168,OOO in public donations, and $127,000 in donated materials and labor, for a total match commitment of 53% of this projected $695,000 development project.

IT IS FINALLY RESOLVED that Crystal Township Board reserves the right to amend or supplement its match commitment following the receipt of the DNR’s “preliminary grant application evaluation scores” that are expected to be issued by the DNR’s MNRTF grant staff approximately August-September 2019, according to the DNR’S published “MNRFT 2019 APPLICATION GUIDELINES.”

MOTION BY BAKER-MAREK, seconded by Siburt to approve resolution as presented.

AYES:  Siburt, Kutt, Baker-Marek, McCracken




I HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a Resolution duly made and passed by Crystal Township Board of Crystal Township at the Special Meeting held on April 1, 2019 at 10am in Crystal Township, with a quorum present.

_____________________________              Dated: _______________________________



b.       Approve submission of MNRTF Grant Application.  Motion by Siburt, seconded by Baker-Marek to approve submission of MNRTF Grant.  Roll call vote:  Siburt-aye  Kutt-aye  Baker-Marek-aye  McCracken-ayeMotion carried, ayes-all, absent-Bahm.


D Wight:  If we wait until January or February to say we can’t do it do we have any funds at risk?  Are they looking for letters of intent commitment for what the engineers have said is the total amount for the project or just for the grants.  They are looking for letters of commitment for the matching dollars. 

C Johnston:  You said that you can withdraw in August?

C Smith: Do you have a certain confidence level, as you submit this application?   If the grant is approved and all matching funds, when do you see the actual construction of this project to begin?  Potentially Spring 2020. 

F Mogdis:  Even though this is a township park, it is in fact a regional park for the area.  It could be a great attraction within a 50 mile radius.   Next logical Phase would be bathroom facilities and parking.  

C Braman:  My understanding is the Project is $700,000, grant $300,000 community will have to come up with $400,000.  $300,000 would be private donations. 

P Baker-Marek:  To start the next step of the process we are looking for volunteers to establishing a Park & Recreation Advisory Committee, will discuss at the next regular meeting.

Motion by Baker-Marek, supported by Siburt to adjourn at 10:16.  Motion carried, ayes-all.

Minutes Certified:Patty Baker-Marek, Clerk

Patty Baker-Marek