Meeting Minutes

Township Meeting Minutes

February 26, 2019 Special Meeting

Crystal Township Special Meeting
February 26, 2019
7:00 p.m.
Crystal Community Center

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor, McCracken at 7:00 p.m. and followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Members Present: C McCracken, G Bahm, K Siburt, P Baker-Marek, S Kutt

Public Comment: Public was allowed time to make comments.

Approval of Agenda: Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Siburt to approve the agenda. Motion carried-all ayes.

1.  5-Year Recreation Plan:  Resolution #02262019

Crystal Township:



Crystal Township, Montcalm County

Resolution Number 02262019



WHEREAS, the Township Board of Crystal Township, Montcalm County has reviewed and support the CRYSTAL TOWNSHIP RECREATION PLAN, 2019-2023


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Township Board of Crystal

Township, Montcalm County, will approve the CRYSTAL TOWNSHIP RECREATION PLAN, 2019-2023


Motion to adopt foregoing resolution by: Baker-Marek, supported by Siburt.


Upon roll call vote the following voted:


Aye:         Bahm






The Supervisor declared the resolution adopted.


________________ approve February 26, 2019

Pat Baker-Marek, Clerk




I, Pat Baker-Marek, the duly elected and acting Clerk of Crystal Township, hereby

certify that the foregoing resolution was adopted by the Township Board by a roll call vote at a special meeting of the Board held on February 26, 2019, at which meeting a

quorum was present; and that this resolution was ordered to take immediate effect.



-Discussion that next step is to complete the Grant Proposals for the Michigan National Resources Trust Fund and the Recreation Passport Grant by April 1.


2.  Sewer

a.  Michigan Rural Water Training-Motion by Bahm, seconded by Baker-Marek to approve Loomis to use the Sewer Department Credit Card for lodging at the Michigan Rural Water Conference in Traverse City.  Motion carried, ayes-all.

b.  Generator-discussion of needs of the sewer department to purchase another generator.  Also in the future need to purchase permanent generators for Station #1 at Crystal and Duck Lake.


3.  South Shore Pier-Motion by Siburt, seconded by Baker-Marek to accept the bid from D Powell, Mud Creek Construction in the amount of $1,800 to repair the pier at South Pier.  Motion carried, ayes-all.



D Wight-requesting electronic copy of 5Year Recreation Plan.

Motion by Bahm, seconded Baker-Marek: to adjourn meeting at 7:45.

Patty Baker-Marek