Meeting Minutes

Township Meeting Minutes

Sept 11, 2019 Meeting Minutes

7:00 p.m.
Crystal Community Center

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor C McCracken at 7:00 p.m.  followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Members Present: C McCracken, G Bahm, K Siburt, P Baker-Marek, S Kutt

Public Comment: Public was allowed time to make comments

R Platner-who owns the N Shore Boat Launch?  Signage regarding State of MI Recreation Pass.

D Rydahl-notice people parking on the other side of the parking barriers at S Pier.

E Depue-how much money has been spent on the park redevelopment project and the building projects?

R Gooding-water machine on the sidewalk on Lake St

T Dorch-Crystal Lake Association-has surveyed the lake it is in good shape for invasive species and water clarity.

Approval of Agenda and accepted the Consent Agenda: Motioned by Siburt, seconded by Baker-Marek to approve the agenda with the addition of h.  Recreational Marijuana. Motion carried: ayes-all.

Approval of the Consent Agenda: Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Bahm to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion carried: ayes-all.

Montcalm County: C Johnston-
County is currently working on the budget, expect a balanced budget will be presented to the Commissioners at the meeting on Sept 23.
Fire: M Fitzpatrick – 8 runs, maintenance has been completed on Truck 3.  All items approved at last meeting have been received.  Making progress in the ISO rating process.

Sewer: SBrundage- Motion by Siburt, seconded by Kutt to approve the purchase of a 1985 45 ft Boom Truck for $1,000.  Motion carried, ayes-all.

DPW: R Gooding- Leaf vacuum is ready to go.

Duck Lake Improvement: Nothing to report.

DDA: D Wight-Nothing to report.
Montcalm Police Report: Sgt Germaine, new officer assigned to Crystal.  Reviewed August report.  Asked to monitor speed on S Shore.

Community Center Committee: S Pyle.  Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Kutt to approve $1,000 for postage for survey regarding Community Center.  Motion carried: ayes-all.
Park Development Committee: D Rydahl- Community Match Challenge-family has donated $40,000 if we can match.  Preliminary scores have been received for the grant, have until Oct 1 to submit additional supporting documentation.  Board needs to identify a line item budget for maintenance for park redevelopment.

7. Correspondence:

a.      19th Annual Fall Conservation Tour, Sept 19

b.      Invasive Species-Sept 28

8.  Unfinished Business
9.  New Business

a.       E-911:  Motion by Bahm, seconded by Baker-Marek to to approve estimate from CMS for upgrade of phone system, 911 compliant by December 1.  Motion carried: ayes-all.

b.      Fire Alarm: Estimate from Summit Companies for repair of fire alarm system in amount of $6521.00.  No action taken, M Fitzpatrick will look at our system and see if something else can be done.

c.       South Pier:  Contact with the EGLE indicates the township can purchase S Pier for $30,000, or sign a 25 year lease.  Asked to see if EGLE would do a shorter lease with option to buy.

d.      LED Lights-gym:  reviewed estimate from Gage to replace all lights in gym with LED, Consumers currently has a rebate program save half on cost of bulbs.  Asked for additional bids. 

e.      Sewer Boom Truck-approved under reports.

f.        DPW/Sewer Truck:  Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Bahm to purchase 2 Ford F-250’s from MI Deals in the amount of $34,343 each.  Motion carried: ayes-all.

g.      Roger Gooding’s Evaluation:  tabled until next month.

h.      Recreational Marihuana:  Motion by Kutt, seconded by Siburt-Township to establish an ordinance to opt out of all Recreational Marihuana establishments.  Motion failed:  ayes-Kutt, Siburt, nays-McCracken, Bahm, Baker-Marek


C Johnston:  agreed the township should opt out of Recreational Marihuana establishments.

D Baily:  when are the educational sessions for Marihuana prior to the vote.

M Lane:  the township is not ready for marijuana, with no zoning or master plan.

E Depue:  feel the township has made a mistake.

R Gooding:  high winds have knocked down trees in Spencer Cemetery.

Motion by Siburt, seconded by Bahm to Adjourned: 8:10.  Motion carried:  ayes-all.  

Patty Baker-Marek