Meeting Minutes

Township Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2018 Meeting Minutes


April 11, 2018

7:00 p.m.

Crystal Community Center


The meeting was called to order by Supervisor, Chris Johnston at 7:00 p.m. and followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Members Present:   Curt McCracken, Patty Baker-Marek, Chris Johnston, Nancy Mills.  Absent: George Bahm. 


Public Comment: Public was allowed time to make comments.

-B Greenhoe-recommended contacting N Sanchez, Registered Forestor before cutting down trees in the park. 


Approval of Agenda and Accept the Consent Agenda:  Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Mills to approve the agenda and approve the consent agenda as amended to add to Unfinished Business-Crystal Lake Level and New Business-Bank changes. Motion carried- all ayes.


Approval of the Consent Agenda:  Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by McCracken to approve the consent agenda.  Motion carried-all ayes.


Reports: Reports were presented.

Montcalm County: Ron Braman-Thank you to the Crystal Lake Association for take over control of the Lake Leveling Structure.

Fire: Scott Brundage- Extractor is on order.

DPW: Roger Gooding- Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Johnston to accept bid from Gage Electric in the amount of $845.50 to replace outdoor lights in parking lot.  Motion carried-all ayes.  Would cost approximately $250 to change park lights to LED saving the Township money.  To change over the decorative street lights approximately $85 per light. 

Sewer District Report: Scott Brundage-Had BS & A kick off -moving forward with that change over from Pontem.

Duck Lake Improvement: David Wight-nothing to report

DDA:David Wight—DDA is working on a proposal for a façade assistance program.  The move of the library is progressing.  Requesting the “Bank Building” be added to the Township blanket insurance policy with the DDA reimbursing for the additional premiums.  Friends of the Library has been created first meeting is Saturday, April 14 to establish board members.

Montcalm Police Report: Sheriff J Schafer, report presented

Blight Committee: Patty Baker-Marek:  Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Mills to do SPRING CLEAN-UP Saturday May 19, 8-3 at the cost of $5,000.  Motion carried-all ayes.  Recommended abolishing the Blight Committee, now have a policy to report Blight Complaints to enforce Montcalm County Blight Ordinance.  The township may want to establish another committee to look at Township Wide Refuse Pick-up.


 Correspondence: Monthly correspondence was presented.

a.     Federal Emergency Management, D Feldpausch

b.     Road Commission Match-M Christensen

c.     J Lower, Senate Bill 393


Unfinished Business:  

a.     Deputy Hours-tabled again pending further information.

b.     Trees in Park-estimates presented for planting of trees, no action until removal project complete.

c.     DPW Seasonal Position-Applications are being accepted at Michigan Works in Montcalm and Gratiot-posted on Michigan Talent Bank.

d.     Employee Handbook, Work Session-still in process, will post a special meeting to continue process.

e.     Youth League-needing estimates for costs of projects

f.      Slide-Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Mills to donate the current slide to Chris Ryan in exchange for removal and filling in hole with sand.  Motion carried-ayes all.

g.     Road Commission 2018 Contracts:  Motion by McCracken, seconded by Mills to approve Road Contracts as follows in the amount of $116,538.  Motion carried-ayes all. 

-Spray Brush Along Local Roadsides                                                             $    2,000

-Gravel resurface Bollinger Rd from Holland Lake to Sidney 1.5 mi $  22,305

-Gravel resurface Bollinger Rd from Muskrat to Holland Lake 1 mi             $  14,870

-Gravel resurface Bollinger Rd from Condensary to Muskrat 1 mi               $  14,870

-Asphalt overlay Pearl from Sweet to Parker .20 mi                                      $  17,535

-Asphalt overlay Ovid from S Shore 70 feet                                                  $    1,650

-Crush, shape and pave Pine Grove Rd from N Shore Dr 425 ft                   $  11,283

-Crush, shape and pave Spinnaker & Norwest from Pine Grove                   $  41,718

-Culvert Spencer Rd drain 131                                                                       $    3,007

                                    TOTAL                                                                      $129,238

                        Less Road Commission Contribution                                     $-1,2700

                                    TOTAL                                                                      $116,538


h.     Flag Proposal:  Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by McCracken to purchase flags in the amount of $800 to be placed down Main Street on the Decorative Poles.  Motion carried, ayes-all.

i.      Crystal Lake Level: Drain Commission was not approved to exceed spending $10,000.  Conversations will continue potentially turning control over the township or the Lake Association.

j.      New Business:

1.     Public Education Course-R Martin – June 23, About Boating Safely classes here by US Coast Guard and Montcalm Marine Patrol.

2.     T McCarty, Herbal Vibrations-Tonya read a letter to the township board expressing her disappointment that the board has no vision for the Community Center building.  The action to rent to only Not for Profit Organizations should be for all rentals not just the permanent room rentals.  

3.     Veteran Grave Markers- Motion by Johnston, seconded by Baker-Marek to purchase  300 grave markers for all Veteran Graves.  Motion carried, ayes-all.

4.     Park Signs-  Motion by Mills, seconded by McCracken to purchase 6 signs from 180 Design in the amount of $35 each to post Crystal Park Rules.   Motion carried-ayes all.  Per Johnston the Road Commission has agreed to donate 6 posts and will put them in so all we will need to do is post the signs.

5.     Porta Johns:  Motion by McCracken, seconded by Baker-Marek to approve contract with Jason Septic for Porta Johns for the summer in the amount of $2593.00.  Motion carried, ayes-all


6.      Bank- Chris was contacted by Commercial Bank to potentially transfer all township funds.  At this time no action will be taken at the point we will be in contact with all banks in the area to compare rates

Public Comment:  The public was allowed time for comment.

E Wight-are the recycle units going to be moved?  Historical Society would like to add a sign to the Organization sign by Noll Park.  Recommended working with Horrock’s in Ionia when replacing Trees in the Park.

D Rydahl-would like to see a process/procedure established if individuals would like to plant trees in remembrance. 

B ??-Thank you for the clean-up and to Roger for painting the sign at Noll Park.

B Greenhoe-concerned that a motion was made to cut the trees in the park prior to having them evaluated by N Sanchez.  Roger will contact them to hold off on any cutting until we can have Nick evaluate the trees. 

D Wight-would like to have the Board look at establishing a Parks and Recreation Plan, the DDA has offered to help.  Also recommend hiring a Consultant to develop a Master Plan, Bloomer just established one at the cost of $30,000.

Adjournment:  Motion by McCracken, seconded by Mills to adjourn the meeting at 8:47 p.m.  Motion carried- all ayes.





Patty Baker-Marek, Clerk