Meeting Minutes

Township Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2013 Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, March 11, 2013

7:00 p.m.

Crystal Community Center

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Johnston at 7:00 p.m. and followed by the Pledge of


Members Present: Chris Johnston, Ted Padgett, Kurt McCracken and Jason Anderson. Absent- Bob


Public Comment: Public was allowed time to make comments.

Approval of Agenda: Motion by McCracken, supported by Anderson to approve the agenda with the

addition of Kelly Martin to the beginning of the Agenda (following Michigan State Police). Motion

carried- all ayes.

Consent Agenda: Motion by Padgett, supported by McCracken to approve the Consent Agenda which

included the following items:

a. Approve Draft Minutes of the February 13, 2013 Meeting.

b. Approve Township Bills.

c. Approve Treasurer’s Report

d. Approve Crystal/Duck Lake Sanitary Sewer Bills.

Motion carried- all ayes.

Michigan State Police: Lt. Kevin Sweeny, Post Commander for the Michigan State Police Post gave a

brief presentation regarding State Police post consolidation.

Kelly Martin (R.A.V.E.): Kelly Martin shared information about the R.A.V.E. (Relief After Violent

Encounter) organization.

Reports: Reports were presented.

Correspondence: Monthly correspondence was presented.

Unfinished Business:

Fire Hall Addition- Motion by Anderson, supported by McCracken to allow Steve Worth to get

electrical drawings done for an approximate cost of $1,000.00 and to approve Collars Heating to do heating

drawings free of charge. Motion carried- all ayes.

Material Bid List prepared by Chris Copp and Steve Worth- Motion by McCracken, supported by

Padgett to allow Steve Worth to meet with Chris Copp and develop a full list of materials needed for the

Fire Hall Addition pricing the roof with both barn steel and seamless. Motion carried- all ayes.

Establish a Recreation Committee- The Board continues to look for volunteers for this committee.

Chloride Contract- Motion by Padgett, supported by Johnston to accept the bid for 3 applications on 2

lanes in the amount of $31,717.00. Ayes- Padgett, McCracken, Nays- Anderson, McCracken. Motion

tabled until next month.

New Business:

DPW Truck- Motion by McCracken, supported by Anderson to submit a sealed bid in the amount of

$14,999.00 for the 2007 F350 truck from the Village of Sand Lake. Motion carried- all ayes.

Items to purchase for Treasurer- The Board will continue to look into prices for a document scanner, bar

code reader and paper folder.

Request by Treasurer to attend BS&A Training- Motion by Anderson, supported by McCracken to send

Ted Padgett to training with BS&A for an amount of $195.00. Motion carried- all ayes.

Trade in Toro Lawn Mower- Motion by Johnston, supported by McCracken to accept the proposal from

Bush’s Hardware to upgrade the Township mower for $2,800.00. Motion carried- all ayes.

Met with Library Board- Treasurer Padgett gave information regarding the meeting with the Library Board.

Two Board members will meet with two members of the Library Board to continue discussion regarding

the potential move to the Community Center.

Public Comment- Public was allowed time to make comments.

Adjournment- Motion by McCracken, supported by Padgett to adjourn the meeting at 8:14 p.m.

Thomas Marek