Meeting Minutes

Township Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2017 Meeting Minutes



June 14, 2017

7:00 p.m.

Crystal Community Center

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor, Chris Johnston at 7:02 p.m. and followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Members Present: Ted Padgett, Curt McCracken, George Bahm, Patty Baker-Marek, and Chris Johnston

Public Comment: Public was allowed time to make comments.

-Barb Leonard submitted a letter and addressed safety concern of fence on Lakeview Street.

-Dianna Bailey excited about the potential donation of the bank to Carson City Library, Crystal Branch. Requesting the Board does what is necessary to support

-Bonnie Kanitz, Lake has been treated and June 23 is the annual Goose round-up

-Charlie Braman, expressed disappointment with Director Scott at the County, also concerned that Parks are turned over to local entities put extra expense back on the local government. Suggested that the board pursue other financial institutions to replace closing of Chemical. Also could we have 2 goose round-ups per year.

Approval of Agenda and Accept the Consent Agenda: Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by McCracken to approve the agenda and accept the consent agenda with the addition of Library under Unfinished Business and Historical Society under New Business.

Motion carried- all ayes.

Approval of the Consent Agenda: Motion by Padgett, seconded by Johnston to approve the consent agenda. Motion carried-all ayes.

Reports: Reports were presented.

Montcalm County: Ron Braman-Expects the County will have an Electronic Recyling day but unsure of date.

Fire: Scott Brundage-50 additional smoke detectors should be arriving this week. Have been contacted regarding the Decontamination Tent-waiting on further procedures to see what it entails before any further action

DPW: Roger Gooding-Park sidewalk along the road and curbing by the beach needs some repair-Chris will follow-up. Horses being ridden through the park, police officer will follow up if anyone knows who has the horses. Seasonal Employee approaching 90-day probationary period. Board was presented with an estimate from Myers Plumbing and Heating for boiler repairs. Parker Arntz did not submit a bid as requested. Will contact another Company for a second estimate.

Sewer District Report: Scott Brundage-Requesting approval of Budget for 2017-2018. Received a letter from Cypress Creek potentially leasing property for Solar Farm. Concerns about compost pile-large amount of cement was dumped has been cleaned up at the Township expense. Scott recommends closing the site.

Duck Lake Improvement: David Wight-Treatment was done June 13.

DDA:David Wight-Request that DDA budget not be included in Township Treasurers’ Report since they are a separate entity. Would like the board to establish an amount of potential matching funds to allow for Grants. Requesting a work session with the Township Board to identify potential projects and a priority list. Have submitted a letter to Chemical Bank.

Tim Boehn-presented Playground Project requesting to be located in the West Corner of the Community Center Playground per request from donors. Motion b MCCracken, seconded by Bahm to

pursue the play ground project and allow the donors to have final say, to come next month with a sight plan and proposed final plan. Motion carried, ayes-all.

Montcalm Police Report: Report

Library Relocation Committee: G Bahm, Agreed to wait on any further action with Library relocation until final decision from Chemical Bank.

Correspondence: Monthly correspondence was presented.

  1. a. Tax Abatement Disclosures, MAISD, Central Montcalm
  2. b. Medical Marijuana Meeting
  3. c. MI Workers’ Compensation/Accident Fund
  4. d. Consumer/DTE Notice of Hearing
  5. e. PAR Plan Board of Director Ballot
  6. f. Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs

Unfinished Business:

  1. a. Blight Committee. Motion by McCracken seconded by Bahm to contact 9 volunteers for the Blight Committee. Motion carried-ayes all.
  2. b. Karl Haiser, Independent Audit-Engagement Letter for Tax Account. Previous motion to approve up to $10,000 to audit Tax Account. Motion by Baker-Marek seconded by Padgett to approve Engagement Letter with Karl Haiser and submit retainer fee for audit of Tax Account. Motion carried, ayes-all.
  3. c. 2017-2018 Budget: Motion by McCracken seconded by Baker-Marek to accept 2017-2018 budget as presented. Motion carried. Ayes all.
  4. d. 2017-2018 Crystal/Duck Lake Sewer District: Motion by Baker-Marek seconded by Bahm to approve the 2017-2018 budget as presented. Motion carried- ayes all.

New Business:

1. Enerco Service Agreement:-Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Johnston to accept the Enerco Service Agreement for 1 year effective July 1, 2017. Motion carried-ayes all

2. MTA-Professional Development Retreat: Motion by McCracken seconded by Bahm to pay for Clerk, Baker-Marek to attend Retreat in July at Frankenmuth. Motion carried-ayes all.

3. 8-CAP Lease with HeadStart and Great Start: Motion by McCracken seconded by Baker-Marek to approve 4 year lease. Motion carried-ayes all.

4. Signs-discussed new signs for Park Rules, Cemetery Rules and Welcome.

5. Historical Society-Motion by Bahm seconded by Johnston to do a month by month lease with 30 day notice to vacate for the Historical Society at no cost until the Library relocation is resolved. Motion carried 3-2, ayes-Johnston, Bahm, McCracken. Nays-Baker-Marek, Padgett.

Public Comment: The public was allowed time for comment.

-Sherri Kutt-please pursue other types of playground types instead of a single structure, do a fitness area/rock wall.

-Tim Boehn, DDA has can potentially help fund Signs

-Sidewalk by Ikes needs repair

-Kim Morgan-displease with the Library Committee

-Gail Byers, thank you to Township Board support of the Memorial Day Event at the Crystal Cemetery.

-David Wight-Thank You to Fran Voss for planting and caring for the flowers in all of the pots around town.

-Why isn’t the Crystal Library a separate entity instead a Branch from Carson City.


Adjournment: Motion by McCracken, seconded by Bahm to adjourn the meeting at 8:31 p.m. Motion carried- all ayes.


Patty Baker-Marek, Clerk

Thomas Marek