Meeting Minutes

Township Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2016 Meeting Minutes


December 14, 2016

7:00 P.M.

Crystal Community Center


The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Johnston at 7:00 p.m. and followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Members Present:  Chris Johnston, Ted Padgett, Kurt McCracken, Patty Baker-Marek, George Bahm

Public Comment: Public was allowed time to make comments.

Approval of Agenda and Consent Agenda:  Motion by McCracken, supported by Padgett to approve the Agenda and Consent Agenda as present.  Motion carried-all ayes.

Consent Agenda: Motion by Padgett, supported by McCracken to approve the Consent Agenda which included the following items:

  1.  Approve the November 9, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes

  2. Approve Township Bills



Reports: reports were presented.

Montcalm County Buzz-Ron Braman, Next Commission meeting Monday, Dec 19 @ 1:30

Fire Report-Scott Brundage, Free Movie and Santa on Main Street Saturday, Dec 17 @ 12

DPW-Roger Gooding, started picking up leaves on October 1 finished on December 3 -67 loads.

-some flags were stolen from the cemetery prior to removal on Veterans Day

-purchased a new rubber blade for the snow plow

-requesting approval to close gym from Christmas day to New Years to do the floors

-unable to take 3 weeks vacation, no replacement-requesting to hold over until new person is hired or being paid off.

Sewer District Report-Scott Brundage, received 7 applications for the Office Specialist Position

-Billing payments are up to date, getting ready for the next cycle to start Jan 3

-waiting on new passwords to pay the State/IRS wage tax

-Remove Bob Naumann from all bank accounts.

Duck Lake Improvement, Dick Walthorn-next meeting in January

DDA, David White-Recommending to amend the by-laws to reduce the membership to 8, and appoint Ron Flinn to vacant position.  Motion by McCracken, seconded by Johnston to approve.  Motion Carried-opposed Baker-Marek, ayes, Johnston, McCracken, Bahm, Padgett


Correspondence: Monthly correspondence was presented.

Unfinished Business:

a.  Crystal Sanitary Sewer Agreement:  Resolution to establish the Crystal Township Sanitary Drainage District.  Motion by Baker-Marek, seconded by Bahm.  Roll Call vote: Bahm-supported, Baker-Marek-supported, Johnston-supported,  Padgett-supported, McCracken-supported: Motion carried

b.  Police Contract:  Motion to sign the contract with Montcalm County Sheriff’s Department for police coverage January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 at $75,000.  Motion by Bahm, seconded by Padgett. Motion carried-all ayes.

c.  Hiring Sewer Office Assistant, agreed to conduct interviews held by Johnston and Bahm.  Schedule Special Meeting on December 21 @ 7 for recommendation to hire.  Motion by Bahm, seconded by Johnston.  Motion carried all ayes.

New Business:

  1.  Library Relocation Committee, establish committee, B Naumann, G Bahm and E White and P McShosh.  Supported by All

  2. Web Site, agreed that Baker-Marek can develop a Township Web Site since the County’s no longer supports the local townships.

  3. DPW-replacement.  Agreed to posting of vacant position with application due by Dec 28 @ 3 pm.  Hours vary, minimum wage.  Motion by Johnston, supported by Baker-Marek to establish interview committee, McCracken, Baker-Marek, Gooding.  Motion carried all ayes. 

  4. Medical Marijuana Dispensary, MTA meeting Feb 21 to get more information on potential Ordinance to allow Dispensaries. 

  5. Community Center-Gooding and Baker-Marek to meet to develop a contract for CC rentals and payment schedule.

Public Comment:  The public was allowed time for comment.

Adjournment:  Motion by McCracken, seconded by Baker-Marek to adjourn the meeting at 8:29 p.m. Motion carried-all ayes.



SUBMITTED: Patty Baker-Marek, Clerk

                        Crystal Township

Thomas Marek